Monday, November 19, 2007


Another busy but nice weekend. I was only due to see G on Friday night, so we met up for dinner at the newly refurbished Café in the Crypt beneath St Martin’s in the Field. We had a very nice dinner and then G ended up coming back to mine anyway. I then had to get up early on Saturday morning as I needed to drop my car off to be serviced. While I was waiting for my car I just traipsed fairly aimlessly around the local shops not achieving a lot.

In the evening I went to see a friend from school. We were trying to work out when we had last seen each other and I think it must have been over a year, which is not good as she is a really great friend. So I really need to make more effort. She said that I seemed to have been going through one of my “quiet phases” which she usually takes to mean that thee is stuff going on in my life that I am taking some time to think about before I talk to her about it. She said she just waits for me to get in touch and tell her what’s been going on, which is fair enough. I spent a while talking to her about some of the stuff going on in my life at the moment and for once didn’t end up crying, which seems to happen most times I talk to her!

It’s weird how my friends react to things. I wrote to a friend last weekend about some important stuff that has been going on and have heard nothing from her. She might be on holiday or have some other reason for not being able to reply, but I still find it weird not to have heard from her. Another friend phoned me on Thursday night and I talked to her about some things that have been happening. She told me she was ‘disappointed’ by what I had said and then I seemed to spend the rest of the conversation counselling her. Mind you, what she said this time was (marginally) better than when I’ve talked to her about such things before. She sees life in a very black and white way and I was trying to explain to her that there is so much grey in between, but she just doesn’t seem to see that. Nor does her husband who apparently wants to speak to me at some point. Excellent…

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my sister and nephew and we went to the London Aquarium. Ever the bargain hunter, I found us a two for one deal by showing our Oyster cards, which saved us over £13 – the London Aquarium is very expensive! It was good and my nephew went from being very scared by the sharks to being mesmerised by them and every time we tried to show him some other fish, he’d just end up running back to the sharks to look at them again. I really liked that there was a bit where you could stroke the fish. There were some that you could stroke and they reacted like you might expect a cat to do. You could just run your hand over them and they seemed to really like it. At one point I had my hand in the water and wasn’t really looking at what I was doing and one of the fish came up and started nudging my hand so that I would stroke it. I was like some little kid about this and fortunately had my nephew there as my cover story.

On an entirely unrelated note, I am not someone who uses Facebook. I can waste plenty of time on the internet without that as my excuse, I can assure you. But for any of you who do, you might want to keep this tale in mind, particularly with the Christmas season approaching. You have been warned.

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