Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Muppet Chorus

For the whole time I have lived where I do and longer there has been a run down car parked in one of the spaces outside where I live – and yesterday it was gone! I think my neighbour who owned it has finally got rid of it. It was this really old Ford Granada and had just been sat there falling apart and suddenly they have got rid of it, which is a distinct improvement. Now if they would just replace there windows, which at the back of where we live seem to be held in by air, rather than something more substantial than that, which some might see as worrying.

There’s this woman I often see on the floor where I work. So far as I can make out she just comes to our floor to use the toilets. This always makes me suspicious. What can she possibly need to do in the toilets that means she has to use ones on a different floor to where she works – and do we want the pleasure of sharing in that? The thing that makes me even more suspicious is that I think she always uses the disabled toilet (and is not disabled). What can she be doing that requires her using the toilets on another floor and it is the disabled toilet? Perhaps it’s best not to ask some questions…

Anyway, last night I was thinking about the Muppet Show (as you do). I grew up with a Muppet show cassette tape that I would often listen to as I fell asleep – I somehow need to get a copy on CD or somehow transfer it on to CD. Last night I was thinking about the song “Just One Person” that there was a rousing version of on my tape and I do actually think that it influenced my thinking as a young child – the difference that it can make having people who believe in you and that if one person does then why not other people too? The Muppets have much to answer for in forming me into the fine person that I am today. *shakes head* On YouTube I managed to find the Muppets singing the song! There are actually two versions in the video, neither of which are the one on my tape, but it made me happy listening to it last night. No sniggering at the line referring to a threesome – this is a very serious and moving song. *sniggers* Who can resist the whole cast of the Muppets singing to you though?

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