Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The Christmas leave card didn't come round yesterday. I cannot tell you how much I need to have time off work, not least because I still have about 40 days leave to take... But the main reason is that I had a week's leave at the end of July, took a couple of days off in August and then haven't had any time off since - and I can really feel it. Last night I was so tired and fell asleep before 10pm and today I still feel a bit worn out. I do have a day booked off next week, but yesterday I sat there looking at my work diary and counted the number of weeks until I plan to be off for Christams (less than six now!) and can hardly wait.

Having said that, I'm not actually looking forward to Christmas itself. It's never a tiem of year that I particularly relish, but I like all the things that happen in the build up to Christmas and it is just the actual day which I don't like. Weird but true.

Actually on Sunday, G and I had a bit of a chat about Christmas because I was feeling a bit miserable about it. I think Christmas just brings together a whole load of thoughts in my head that I find difficult to deal with, not least the thought of who I am going to spend it with, which is always an issue. When November comes around it starts playing on my mind and G and I were talking about that because it had come up a couple of times over the weekend. I have no idea what I will be doing and G will be in Scotland, so I may need to be particularly imaginative this year. Less than 7 weeks to go to come up with a really great Christmas plan which doesn't involve siting at home on my own with a ready meal turkey...

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