Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was feeling decidedly annoyed last night. G’s landlady (who owns the house) phoned to say that she is moving out, as she is going to live with her partner, and has arranged for two other people to move in. No consultation nothing and the contract was already signed with the new people.

What annoys me is:

G wasn’t even consulted and didn’t have the chance to meet the people before the contract was signed.

They are in their early twenties (G is 35) and G thinks it will be like student living again.

G’s landlady seems to have done nothing about things like gas certificates, which are a legal requirement if you are renting out a property and don’t live there.

Suddenly all the bills have to be transferred into the tenants names and G will go from paying a fixed rent every month that includes bills to having to work out amongst three of them what they each need to pay (and get the money).

I am so unimpressed.

In other news, I saw this in the London Paper yesterday. Is it just me or have they potentially ruined some small child’s surprise Christmas gifts. I am surprised they didn’t get a zoom lens and then print Kate Moss’s entire shopping list. (Click on the image to read the helpful listing of what she bought…)


Spudgy said...

I remember those days of living in rented accomodation with an ever changing array of house-mates. Not the easiest......maybe you need a lodger?!


Time for G to move in with you methinks ;-) TFx

Kahless said...

TF got in before me!
I think it is written in the stars that G should move in with you....

And something you could suggest as a christmas surprise?


Here, Here, Kahless, wise words. Random do you hear us ? What you got to lose? TFx

Random Reflections said...

But, but all of you are ganging up on me! And are perhaps being paid by G?!!

I leave my blog unattended for a few hours and look what happens.

I will ponder. An offer to move in isn't quite to easy to take back as other Christmas presents methinks, so not a decision to take lightly...

An offer is for life (maybe) not just for Christmas!

Kahless said...

Maybe you spend too much time pondering????

Go for it! I am sure TF would agree with me and that is 2 against 1, so there!


Yep! Stop pondering and get your butt into gear! :) TFx

Random Reflections said...

kahless and TF- I always have to ponder things. It is my nature! I can't possibly do something without thinking through every single implication of it and then doign that all over again (and again) before making a decision based on the pros and cons (in list form).