Monday, December 15, 2008


I seemed to spend quite a lot of this weekend cleaning and clearing up. G decided to clean the kitchen and I tidied up the back bedroom. My nephew is coming to stay next weekend and I didn’t want him to drown under a sea of paperwork. It has been a mess for such a long time and only took a couple of hours to turn into something far more presentable. I am, however, still concerned that I might not be able to save my nephew from every possible injury having read this article. Who would have thought going to the toilet could be so hazardous? G and I will obviously have to be on toilet duty the whole time he is here.

I got all my Christmas cards written and have posted them (except the ones for people whose addresses I just cannot track down in the phone book etc, as I still cannot find my address book). G started to wrap some presents last night and I did point out that it was probably not entirely polite to wrap up my Christmas presents in my own wrapping paper. I am not sure if G was entirely convinced by this point.

I was so tired on Saturday night that I slept for about 10 hours and still felt really tired last night. But I only have five days left in work and then I am off for Christmas for two weeks.

You might be so caught up in chaos in the run up to Christmas that you need to be reminded of its true meaning (or something sort of like it…)

Well it amused me anyway...

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