Friday, December 05, 2008

In the spirit

G ended up not going to work yesterday and so stayed at mine instead. This did cause a bit of a problem in that we are staying with some friends this weekend and G didn’t have a change of clothes. Nice. But we did manage to take advantage of the 20% off at M&S and I bought a couple of presents and we got some clean clothes for G.

On my lunch break yesterday I bumped into my old big boss and he seemed on reasonable form. I indirectly asked how things were going since D’s death and he indirectly answered by saying things were sort of alright and then we changed the subject. I think he took D’s death hard and it made me feel a bit sad to see him my old boss in those circumstances.

Anyway I have a nice weekend ahead involving a walk (if G is well enough) lots of nice food and lots of good company. I haven’t put my Christmas tree up yet so I will try and do that on Sunday and I will have to dig out my various (very tasteful) Christmas CDs.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, I leave you with one of my favourite Christmas songs – I Believe in Father Christmas.

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