Monday, December 08, 2008


I had a really nice weekend. G and I went to stay with some friends for an early Christmas celebration. It wasn’t quite the same mix of people as normal and I think it was fair to say that they were a bit of an odd bunch but it was good to see our friends and eat lots of nice food and so on.

We stayed the whole weekend, but there was one chap who just came along for the meal on Saturday evening. I didn’t really warm to him and this was not helped by having only having said hello to him he then proceeded to share the chair I was sitting on that really was not designed for two people and then he just totally dominated the whole conversation talking about all his latest fads. During the meal, one person had to ask him several times to drop a particular line of conversation that was verging on the offensive because he was basically arguing that no word in and of itself offensive and people just needed to learn not to be offended (so various race or gender related words, of you get my drift…). I just avoided engaging him in conversation because he was one of those people who so liked his own intelligence and logic that he had absolutely no common sense or empathy for where others might be coming from.

G was pretty ill all weekend and so didn’t really do a lot and stayed in the warm while we went for a walk and didn’t eat very much at dinner. One of the other people who was there kept telling us how she could hardly eat anything because of some problem in her stomach, but seemed to polish off not only her own meal but anything that anyone else left on their plate. Bizarre.

I do also now have my Christmas tree and other decorations up and things are looking a bit more festive and today I’m going out for a work Christmas meal.

I am waiting for a delivery from Amazon from the Home Delivery Network and let’s just say that my experience is pretty comparable to the ones cited on this website. So unimpressed.


the vicious chicken said...

I've found HDNL so poor in the past that I now have a Pavlovian reaction to seeing any HDNL vans - I can't let one go past without muttering (or shouting, depending on my mood and on my proximity to the General Public), "Damn you, Home Delivery Network!" I probably need to get out more...

PS. Meant to mention to you ages ago when you posted about Secret Santa gifts: I had exactly the same idea as you for my Secret Santa recipient at work! Very strange coincidence. So I totally agree with you that said item is indeed the best Secret Santa gift that five quid can buy :o) Just hope my colleague agrees, too...

PPS. Hope G feels much better soon.

Random Reflections said...

vc - Amazon sent me an e-mail which gave the impression that they are working on a facility so that you can decide which company will deliver your goods. The Home Delivery Network wouldn't even make it on to the bottom of my list.

I gave the Secret Santa gift today and it seemed to go down quite well, so I think it was a good purchase. You have marvellous taste in gifts!

G seems to be on the mend. There's seems to be a nasty winter bug going round - which I am hoping to avoid!