Thursday, December 04, 2008

Promises, promises

G was feeling really unwell yesterday so cane to stay, clearly on the mistaken belief that I am good at caring for the sick. Instead I saw this as an opportunity to exploit G’s labour to help me in making some sweets. There are now some chocolate truffles made. The final instalment will be made tonight. In a couple of weeks, we are having a work Christmas do and we are meant to take along some bits to that, so I might try to do some of these again.

My overly friendly work colleague kept bugging me yesterday and took the opportunity to remind me that I had at one point said that I might try and make some lamingtons, as he has such trouble finding them – and as it is Australia Day in January, he is now hoping I will do it in time for that. I have never cooked a lamington in my life, so have no idea if I would be able to do it right and somehow I think if I do this, it may not mean that he then stops bugging me. I go through phases where I am patient with him and others when I want to kill him – and this can be in the space of a few minutes, if he keeps asking me things. Yesterday he was trying to sort some stationary out for me and then went back to his desk (all or 10 metres away) and phoned me to ask me something else. I need to start monitoring my calls better.

Last night I remembered that on one of the courses I was on yesterday I had to come up with three reasons why it is a good idea for the population to go naked and three improvements I wish could be made to the idea. On the latter one, surely top of that list is having far more of a say in who your work colleagues are? That could be such a scary prospect. Also people would have to come up with a new technique for getting rid of nerves than imagining their interviewers naked. I feel this proposal would need more work.

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