Monday, September 24, 2007


Yet another weekend over, and it was somewhat of a mixed one. I don’t think it is worth explaining the bad stuff that happened but there were a few somewhat unpleasant and tense moments over the weekend. But I shall pass over them…

Anyway, some of the good things were that G and I had a very nice lunch at Wagamamas on Saturday and I had a 2 for 1 voucher for it so we got it at a bargain price. We then spent a bit of time mooching about in London which included going to Fortnum and Masons. G had never been there before and was somewhat shocked at the price of everything. We both decided that touching anything they sold might prove to be very costly so we just looked on in awe from afar.

Last night I then went to the theatre with my mum and sister to see Jenny Eclair’s stand up show. That was quite good and it was actually the first night so probably by the end of the tour it will have evolved quite a lot and some of the lines that fell a bit flat will have gone by the wayside, but it was an amusing evening and worth going to.

Having said that I do feel a bit subdued at the moment. Some of it is possibly because I have to go and conduct that interview today (which incidentally I have done little to prepare for so had better get on with doing that when I get into work today) and in some ways that feels a bit like stepping back into the past. I think I just feel a bit subdued anyway though. Over the last few weeks I have felt a bit of a failure at various things. In the grand scheme of things, nothing major and also this has certainly not been a continuous feeling, but still it has cropped up on occasion. I am sure it will pass but even so I am not feeling my most cheerful. Anyway, another week begins and so I had better get on with it.


Sweet Irene said...

You're in a bit of a dip aren't you? Cheer up, stiff upper lip and all that. Maybe time to examine what is really going on in your life. You seem to ignore a lot of things that you are uncomfortable with and to just accept them as a given. Time to be a bit more assertive.

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Random, hope the visit to no man's land went OK today for you. TF :)

Random Reflections said...

sweet irene- Thanks. I think there is a lot of truth in what you say. To a degree I am kind of drifting and not dealing with things properly. Whether I find it preferable to face things is a different matter though!

Tf- Thanks. Fortunately there were no chance meetings, so there are no traumtaic tales to tell. Phew!