Thursday, September 20, 2007


I spent some of yesterday evening doing some paperwork. This included writing some minutes for a meeting I went to some 10 months ago. I think it is fair to say that they were a bit hazy. The next meeting is in November so I figure I will get asked to provide a copy of them at some point so it seemed like time to write them. I’ll try and write them a bit more promptly next time…

Tonight I might meet up with G and some of G’s friends for a drink. This may well mean seeing C who is a mutual friend with A, which I have mixed feelings about. I haven’t got a problem with her, my annoyance had passed, it will just be weird seeing her knowing that she knows far more about why A and I are unable to be on speaking terms that I do! Still, I’ll have to face her at some point, so if it’s tonight then at least it’s over and done with.

At the beginning of next week I also have that interview to conduct in the same building as A works. I will just get on and do it, but the problem now is that I have some concerns about the procedures have been followed for the job. The people I am doing this for have been appalling at sending me the paperwork and what they have sent me has been questionable (one of the items had a closing date of May 2006). So I have sent them a list of questions that I want them to answer – not least, who the other interviewer is!- and I will have to decide if I think they have followed the correct procedures and what to do if they haven’t. They wanted me as an ‘independent’ person and as such I have to be satisfied that they have done things by the book and at the moment I am very unimpressed by what I have seen so far. They only seem to be interviewing one candidate and I want to know why and who sifted the applications. It’s all just very odd. I’m wishing I hadn’t agreed to do this now!

What has happened to the weather? It is so chilly in the evenings now. I suppose that is what should be expected for mid-September, but I feel hard done by what with not having had a proper summer. I am back into hot water bottle territory now. However, just in case you were wondering, it is a mere 95 days to Christmas so time to start getting ready.

Oh and the other day, one of my colleagues said "I hear you're off to work for [the big boss]?". I looked somewhat confused and said that I hadn't said one way or the other whether I was actually going to do this. But it seems the rumour mill is already working. Yesterday I actually bumped into the chap who is covering the job at the moment and asked him how it was going. He left work at 9.15pm on Monday night and 7.30pm on Tuesday night. Not my idea of fun, so I'm not convinced that I want to do this even for a short period of time but I'm now wondering if the assumption is that I am doing it so they won't have lined anyone else up. If they are really desperate I would do it (for a short period of time) but at the moment I am not keen to volunteer.

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