Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I went and sat on the interview panel yesterday afternoon. It went fine, despite having to hang about in reception for a few minutes until someone came to take me to the right room. I was there as the independent person and it turned out that they were expecting me to be an expert on the interview process. Fortunately I had actually read the guidance and therefore was able to sound reasonably knowledgeable, but that is only because I have recently advertised a job and so had looked at it for myself. Otherwise I could have looked like I knew nothing… *cough*

I then had real trouble following the interview because the other two interviewers were a bit all over the place with their questions. One of them obviously didn’t know the process at all though and after the candidate had left complained that he hadn’t been able to ask things like what qualifications she had (which to a large degree is irrelevant where I work). Anyway, I survived and that task is now done and dusted.

I’m still not feeling my most chipper, but hopefully it will pass soon. In the meantime (I might have posted this before) if you are look for a relaxing moment in your busy day then you might want to go here and maybe spent a bit for time looking at a lake (you need Flash to make it work – and there is a bit of background music, but it’s very soothing). Maybe put your feet up for a few minutes and relax.

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