Monday, September 17, 2007


Another weekend over. In some ways it feels like it was bit of a tragic weekend, not for me personally you understand but what with Colin McRae being killed and that plane crash in Thailand, plus all the stuff going on with the McCanns and so on. The news just seems to be filled with sad things. I watched a programme last night, which was a bit sad and then went to do something on my computer and I think I just felt as though bursting into tears would be a good option - but I resisted the urge.

Anyway, it was a fairly busy weekend which started with me meeting up with a friend from university for dinner. We had a really nice evening but a couple of times I had to tell her that she was scaring the waiter (as his face clearly showed). Admittedly he did fail to bring the olives despite being asked twice and was generally a bit dopey, but my friend was dead scary! We had a good catch up though and exchanged news and had a good time.

I wasn’t meant to be seeing G until Saturday but due to a change in plans G phoned me and came over on Friday night instead, which was fine and meant that less of the day was wasted on Saturday meeting up. We tried to do our normal Saturday walk but due to various factors, had trouble finding somewhere suitable to go, but in the end went for a stroll by the Thames in glorious sunshine and then ate ice cream. Very healthy…

G then prepared some dinner and I continued to paint the front door. The front door has turned out reasonably well. It’s not fantastic but it is much better that it was. I was talking to my neighbour on Saturday morning while I was the painting on the door and he made a reference to earlier in the week when my door was “multi-coloured”. Quite… This is why people in London don’t talk to their neighbours.

Now the door is passable and the plan is to replace the fire place in the living room (technically there is no fireplace there at the moment, it is actually a very badly fitted surround with very fake looking marble insert but no actual fire) and then get someone to redecorate the living room. I could redo it myself but I don’t want to repaint the ceiling myself and that really needs doing, so I could get the same person to do the front door. This is not an imminent plan so it is not that all my hard work is going to disappear in the next few weeks, but I would just like it to have amore professional finish. I don’t know why I have struggles with it so much because all the other decorating I have has been totally fine and I’m really pleased with my hall, but for some reason, I just could not get the front door quite right. Anyway, now I just have to tidy the glass in the door up a bit and that is about it. At last.

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