Thursday, September 27, 2007


I went for a walk on my lunch break yesterday. It was very chilly.

I went to a short meeting yesterday afternoon. It lasted three hours.

At the meeting my colleagues and I were given rather a hard time. This was not fun.

Think we may get a talking to at work today about how we are going to turn things around.

Sometimes I wonder why I do my job because it doesn’t seem to have much purpose to it.

Last night I was reminded of the phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants”#. I like it.

I was meant to go out last night. I forgot.

I was talking to G on the phone last night. For some reason I just couldn’t say I don’t feel very cheerful at the moment.

G has lost almost half a stone by walking ten thousand steps a day for the last few weeks. Impressive.

Time to head off for another day at work. *sigh*

#It basically means building on the wisdom of others who have gone before. It is the inscription on the edge of (some) £2 coins.


lemonpillows said...

It takes practice to be able to say 'I'm not fine'. A little bravery the first time. But it's a good step to take.

Repeat after me:

"Stop. I'm feeling a little sad today..." "Stop.. I'm feeling a little sad today.."

Sweet Irene said...

Or you could say, hey, I am feeling a bit depressed today and maybe I should do something about that! Maybe get a little bit of help? Just a suggestion, maybe someone can help you look at life from a new angle?

Random Reflections said...

lemonpillows - Thanks. I shall bear your advice in mind, although it can be difficult to get a word in sometimes if G is talking!

sweet irene - I think it is probably a case of riding out the storm, which hopefully won't last much longer, but if it does I'll maybe think more broadly on how to move forward.